The main embarkation and landing point for the ferries which ply the route between Selbina and Mhaura, this busy part of the Quay in Selbina is dedicated to the ferries and staffed by some single minded NPCs who are obviously government workers! ("You can't get out this way, talk to 'X'", or "you can't get in this way, talk to 'Y'"). OK, I've rambled on enough, so let me introduce the Sea Travel Agency crew before I get into trouble!!!




Name Purpose
Raging Tiger Door keeper/bouncer (entrance)
Lucia Ferry ticket vendor
Aleria Wrong way pointer/sea chart display (tells you you can't go this way and offers a view of the ferry route in map form)
Sleeping Lizard Door keeper/bouncer (exit)
Bretta Wrong way pointer (tells you you can't go this way and directs you to Catus)
Catus Exit bower - asks if you want to leave the area, tells Sleeping Lizard to get out of the way and bows if you answer 'yes'
Humilitie Announces ferry arrivals and departures and stops you falling in the water when there is no ferry.
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