Scylla Brigade Healer
Scylla Brigade Healer
White Mage
Campaign Battle NPC


  • Appears in Campaign battles along with another dispatched unit in Northland areas under Allied control; they never appear as a standalone unit.
  • They will cast Blink, Phalanx, Stoneskin, Raise, and up to Protect IV, Shell IV, and Cure V on Campaign NPCs, anyone with Allied Tags on, and Beastmaster pets. Their spells seem to be on a timer, similar to Pixies.
  • Unknown how the selection of spells they'll cast is determined.
  • They will not attack unless attacked. When attacked, he'll draw his hammer and start attacking the aggressor. This will often happen in battles with monsters that use AoE attacks (such as Battle Dance).
  • Has a finite MP pool, as of such will actually be seen in the Command/heal stance to recover MP and HP. You will often see them /heal after all Campaign mobs nearby are defeated and Campaign still continues because another wave is on the way.
  • In the event that the unit they arrived with retreats, they will remain on the battlefield and not retreat, remaining to assist anyone nearby and to fight if attacked.
  • Have low defence and HP compared to other units, as of such they wont last long when attacked.
  • Uses an ability called Goddess's Shield; this enables them to cast self-targeting spells like Blink and Phalanx on allied targets.
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