Scorpion Shell


Scorpion shell
The light but sturdy carapace of
a scorpion.
Stackable: 12

Other Uses

Resale Price: 413~436 gil
Guild Resale Price: 479~625 gil (max 15 per gameday)Verification Needed

Synthesis Recipes


Used in Recipes

Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained from Desynthesis

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Materials > Bonecraft Ffxiah-small.png
Can be obtained as a random reward from the Gobbie Mystery Box Special Dial and similar sources.


Zone Rarity
Abyssea - Tahrongi Unknown
Tahrongi Canyon Very Rare
Maze of Shakhrami Very Rare
Attohwa Chasm Rare

Dropped From

Name Level Zone
Mine Scorpion 14-16 Palborough Mines
Scimitar Scorpion 19-21 Palborough Mines
34-37 Korroloka Tunnel
Maze Scorpion 25-28 Maze of Shakhrami
Labyrinth Scorpion 30-33 Maze of Shakhrami
Cave Scorpion 30-33 Ranguemont Pass
Giant Scorpion 38-40 Ranguemont Pass
Doom Scorpion 41-44 Attohwa Chasm
44-47 Eastern Altepa Desert
45-47 Crawlers' Nest
Mushussu 51-57 Labyrinth of Onzozo
53-55 Crawlers' Nest
Tulwar Scorpion 53-56 Western Altepa Desert
58-59 Attohwa Chasm
Girtab 58-60 Toraimarai Canal
62-65 Quicksand Caves
Crawler Hunter 60-62 Crawlers' Nest
Cutlass Scorpion 63-65 King Ranperre's Tomb
64-66 Toraimarai Canal
66-68 Attohwa Chasm
68-70 Den of Rancor
Diplopod 68-71 Kuftal Tunnel
Serket (NM) 70 Garlaige Citadel
Antares 77-79 Gustav Tunnel
Den Scorpion 79-81 Den of Rancor
Tyrannic Tunnok (NM) 80-82 Ifrit's Cauldron
Amikiri (NM) 80 Gustav Tunnel
Sedge Scorpion 100 - 101 Ceizak Battlegrounds

Despoiled From

Name Level Zone
Cutlass Scorpion 66 - 69 Attohwa Chasm
Canyon Scorpion 76 - 90 Abyssea - Tahrongi