This is one of the Scholar Artifact Armor Side Quests from Loussaire. It does not appear in the quest log.
Start NPC Loussaire - Bastok Markets (S) (G-10)
Requirements Scholar level 50+
Items Needed KeyItemSlug mucus
KeyItemDjinn ember
Repeatable No
Reward Scholar's Pants
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Downward Helix See Loussaire


  • Speak to Loussaire at (G-10) in Bastok Markets (S) and choose "Scholar's Pants" (must be a Scholar level 50+ with Downward Helix completed to activate this quest for the first time; after the first activation, any job can activate the remaining item quests).
    • Note: during this quest, the markings disappear during certain conditions; see below.
    • Examining the Indescript Markings causes Sneak to wear off.
    • The key items can be obtained on any job after activating the quest.
  • Obtain KeyItemSlug mucus by examining the Indescript Markings at one of the following locations in Pashhow Marshlands (S):
    • The respawn time for the markings is 15 minutes.
    • The Indescript Markings move to a new location each time the KeyItemSlug mucus is obtained.
    • The Indescript Markings disappear during rain and thunder weather. When the weather ends, the markings appear in a new location.
    • Note: This may no longer be the case. Not confirmed but players have reported being able to find the markings during thunder weather.
Position Notes
(K-5) Middle of the north edge.
(K-5) SE corner, on a rock.
(K-5) Just a few steps south of the center of K-5, on a rock.
(J-6) Northeaster corner on the road.
(I-6) In water south of L-shaped portion of road.
(I-7) SW corner, on the L-shaped portion of the road.
(G-6) NW corner, near the road.
(G-6) Slightly E of center, near L shape in the road.
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