This is one of the Scholar Artifact Armor Side Quests from Loussaire. It does not appear in the quest log.
Start NPC Loussaire - Bastok Markets (S) (G-10)
Requirements Scholar level 50+
Items Needed KeyItemRafflesia dreamspit
KeyItemDrogarogan bonemeal
Repeatable No
Reward Scholar's Loafers
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Downward Helix See Loussaire


  • Speak to Loussaire at (G-10) in Bastok Markets (S) and choose "Scholar's Loafers" (must be a Scholar level 50+ with Downward Helix completed to activate this quest for the first time; after the first activation, any job can activate the remaining item quests).
    • Note: during this quest, the markings disappear during dust storms. When the weather ends, the markings reappear in the same location.
    • Examining the Indescript Markings causes Sneak to wear off.
    • The key items can be obtained on any job after activating the quest.
  • Obtain KeyItemRafflesia dreamspit by examining the Indescript Markings at one of the following locations in Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) (all on the first map): Do not go into the fort where the Campaign is fought!
Position Notes
(I-9) Middle of the south edge.
(I-10) In the center of the large open area.
(H-8) NW corner.
(G-7) Slightly SW of the middle.
(H-5) On the Border of (H-4), near the exit to Meriphataud Mountains (S) - The northmost exit.
(G-5) On the border of G-6, where the path forks.
(G-5) NE corner. a little SW of area center. in between two cacti and in a bush.
  • Obtain KeyItemDrogarogan bonemeal by examining the Indescript Markings at the extreme SW corner of (E-7) of Meriphataud Mountains (S).
    • The markings appear on the south side of Drogaroga's Spine. If you are on the same side as the Gnats, you are on the wrong side; you will see Scolopendrid on the way to the right side.
    • The markings only appear during the day, from 7:00 - 17:00 (Vana'diel time).
    • The markings do not disappear when examined, allowing multiple Scholars to receive the bonemeal at the same time.
    • If coming from Campaign warp there is a tunnel shortcut at D-7 that leads directly to the markings.
  • Return the items to Loussaire for your reward.
  • You must wait one game day and zone before accepting another side quest from Loussaire for another piece of armor.
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