This is one of the Scholar Artifact Armor Side Quests from Loussaire. It does not appear in the quest log.
Start NPC Loussaire - Bastok Markets (S) (G-10)
Requirements Scholar level 50+
Items Needed KeyItemPeiste dung
KeyItemSample of Grauberg chert
Repeatable No
Reward Scholar's Gown
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Downward Helix See Loussaire


Position Notes
(K-9) South of Cavernous Maw
(J-9) Just east of the Telepoint.
(J-10) Just South from the Veridical Conflux.
(I-10) On the border between I and J, just south of the road.
(H-10) NW corner, just south of the road.
(H-10) North of road. Between road and wall edge.
(H-10) SE corner, just South of the Road.
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