A Hume female in full Scholar Artifact Armor

The Scholar's artifact armor provides the Scholar not only with comfort, but a well rounded amount of helpful stats. The consistent MP, MND, INT, and -Enmity rise are good, but fall short to the sought after Enhances Light Arts, Enhances Dark Arts, and Enhances Sublimation as they increase your Arts B+ rating to an A rating and your Sublimation tick from 2HP/tick to 3HP/tick.

Number of Pieces: 5
Storage Options:
Armor Depository 500 gil for set on pick up.
Will receive Scholar's attire claim slip upon trading whole set to npc.

Porter Moogle with Moogle Storage Slip 04
Can store single pieces.

Level Armor Piece
60 Scholar's Mortarboard RareExclusive

[Head] All Races
DEF: 15 MP +15 INT +4
Enhances "Sublimation" effect
Lv. 60 SCH

58 Scholar's Gown RareExclusive

[Body] All Races
DEF: 38 MP +13 INT +1 MND +1
Enhances "Dark Arts" effect
Lv. 58 SCH

52 Scholar's Bracers RareExclusive

[Hands] All Races
DEF: 13 MP +15 MND +3
Spell interruption rate down 20%
Enmity -2
Lv. 52 SCH

56 Scholar's Pants RareExclusive

[Legs] All Races
DEF: 27 MP +20 Enmity -1
Enhances "Light Arts" effect
Lv. 56 SCH

54 Scholar's Loafers RareExclusive

[Feet] All Races
DEF: 10 MP +15 Enmity -2
Grimoire: Reduces spellcasting time
Lv. 54 SCH

  • The release of the Heroes of Abyssea areas saw the intoduction of an additional neckpiece to this set. Note that this Neck item cannot be stored on the armor storage NPCs via the same claim slip.
Level Armor Piece
30 Scholar's Torque RareExclusive

[Neck] All Races
Magic Accuracy +1 Magic Attack Bonus +1
Lv. 30 SCH


Set Bonus Summary