Start NPC Eamonn - Western Adoulin (E-8)
Requirements Key Item Pioneer's Badge
Key Item "Logging"
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Key Item Reive unity
1000 bayld
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None None


In order to get this quest, you must zone after obtaining the Key Item Pioneer's Badge.

  • Enter the Pioneers' Coalition for a cutscene with Eamonn and Bilp, who request a soil sample from (G-8) in Ceizak Battlegrounds.
    • You will be given the option to accept or refuse the quest. If you refuse it, you can reaccept it by talking to Eamonn.
  • Touch the Earthen Mound in the eastern half of (G-8) in Ceizak Battlegrounds to trigger a cutscene with Lhe Lhangavo, who tells you to go to Sih Gates.
  • Enter Sih Gates using the exit located at (E-10) or (G/H-11) in Ceizak Battlegrounds. Once inside, head to the Foreboding Presence at (E-6) and touch it for a cutscene.
    • To reach this entrance, a Reive (possibly two or more Logging blockages) victory may be necessary to clear some roots from your path.
  • After the cutscene, touch the Foreboding Presence again to spawn a Fomor Pioneer. After defeating the Fomor Pioneer, touch the Foreboding Presence again for another cutscene and a Key Item Reive unity.
  • Return to the Pioneer's Coalition for the final cutscene and your reward.

Game Description

Eamonn, Western Adoulin (E-8)
A couple of Pioneers' Coalition members have seen some fearsome sights in the forest, but their leader demands that they collect some soil samples there. Head to the Ceizak Battlegrounds and do their dirty work for them.