Start NPC Piketo-Puketo (A) - Abyssea - Tahrongi
Requirements Abyssea - Tahrongi Reputation 2
Items Needed Tahrongi tree nut (key item)
Title Granted None
Repeatable Once per visit
Reward 200 Cruor


    • Repeating this quest 5 times will take you from Fame 2 to 3 (doing only this quest, it took me 7 repeats to attain Fame 3) and 5 more repeats after will move to you Fame 4 (doing only this quest, it took me 9 repeats to attain Fame 4).

Game Description

Piketo-Puketo (A)
A culinarian with serious delusions of grandeur sees himself as the savior of his nation's people. Employ the fertilizer he's given you on a suitable tree and bring back anything edible that may grow.
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