Mission Name Save the Children
Number 1-3
Start NPC Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
Level 10
Title Granted Fodderchief Flayer
Items Needed Key ItemOrcish Hut Key
Reward Rank 2
Repeatable Yes
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Bat Hunt The Rescue Drill
Replay Cutscenes
Save the Children (pt. 1) Jufaue Northern San d'Oria (J-10)
Save the Children (pt. 1) Goblin Footprint Ghelsba Outpost (J-10)
Save the Children (pt. 2) Goblin Footprint Ghelsba Outpost (J-10)
Save the Children (pt. 3-A) Goblin Footprint Ghelsba Outpost (J-10)
Save the Children (pt. 3-B) Goblin Footprint Ghelsba Outpost (J-10)
Save the Children (pt. 2) Jufaue Northern San d'Oria (J-10)

Ghelsba Outpost 1


  • Talk to a San d'Orian Gate Guard to accept the mission.
  • Talk to Arnau in the Cathedral in Northern San d'Oria (M-6) for a cutscene.
    • If you are repeating this mission, you don't have to talk to Arnau again.
  • Prepare to fight the 3 Orcs:
  • Head to Ghelsba Outpost and go to (F-10). Check the Hut Door and enter the battlefield for "Save the Children".
    • The battlefield is located at F-10, the door of the hut is at G-10.
    • The time limit for this battle is 10 minutes.
    • Buffs will wear upon entry.
    • Level Restriction at 99.
    • Trust Magic can be used (as of 12/10/2015 version update).
      • Make sure to cast Trust Magic after entering the battlefield, as the alter ego(s) will despawn if summoned beforehand.
    • Only characters that either are on this mission and ready to fight, or those who have completed it before, regardless of current Allegiance, may enter the battlefield.
  • Defeat the Orcs to obtain an Key Item Orcish Hut Key.
  • After you are teleported out of the battlefield, check the hut door again for a cutscene. Afterwards, click the hut door again until it's non-responsive. This will save you a travel.
  • Return to San d'Oria and speak to a Gate Guard to complete the mission.
    • Optional: Return to the Cathedral after speaking with the guard and speak to Arnau for an additional cutscene.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Rescue the children held captive in the Orcish camp in Ghelsba Outpost.