Start NPC Dietmund - Lower Jeuno G-11
Requirements Level 30+
Title Granted Life Saver
Repeatable No
Reward 2100 gil
Beast Whistle
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Chocobo's Wounds Path of the Beastmaster


Qufim Island

  1. Lower Jeuno (G-11) - Go up the stares. Click on the door Merchant's House for a cutscene.
  2. Optional: Upper Jeuno (G-7) - Talk to Shalott for a cutscene.
  3. Qufim Island (F-8) - (top-left point) find the path going down along the cliff/coast of (F-8).
    • Click the Night Flowers at the bottom of the path for a short cutscene.
    • You will probably need sneak and invisible as a low level.
      • Banshee (sneak) along the way that spawn at 20:00.
      • Goblin Bounty Hunter (invisible) run the edge of the cliff at (F-8).
      • A Kraken (sneak) may spawn right on top of the flowers. You can safely interact with the Night Flowers and receive the short cutscene while sneak is applied.
    • Note that the Night Flowers marker on the map image here is slightly east of where the actual walkway/flowers are.
      • You must go all the way down and around the pathway to the right of the blue marker on the map to find the Night Flowers at the very bottom/end of the path in a seaside cave.
  4. Lower Jeuno (G-11) - After the Night Flowers cutscene, click on Dietmund's door again (G-11) for your 2100gil and Beast Whistle.

Game Description

Dietmund (Merchant's House, Lower Jeuno)
To cure Dietmund's son of his affliction, go to Qufim Island. Once there, find the flower that only blooms at night, and bring back its roots.