Job: Red Mage/Black Mage
Family: Cerberuses
Crystal: Fire

Zeni Notorious Monster (Tier IV)


Zone Level Drops Steal Spawns Notes
Mount Zhayolm Unknown
  • ~2,614−4,039 gil
1 Detects by true sight, Detects by true sound
~50,000 HP
??? MP


Spawned by trading a Buffalo Corpse to the ??? on the islet located at (I-12) in Mount Zhayolm.

  • To access the islet (through the Engraved Tablet at I-10), each member must possess Key Item Silver Sea Salt, which is purchased from Sanraku for 500 zeni.
  • While Sarameya is spawned, players cannot enter the islet using the Engraved Tablet.


  • Chainspell - Uses at 89%, 69%, 49%, 29% and 9%.
    • Sarameya's Chainspell effect allows it to instantly use TP moves along with spells.
    • Starting at 29%, if Sarameya's HP drops below 25% during or before Chainspell starts, Gates of Hades will be used in the sequence.
  • Sulfurous Breath - Fire breath attack.
  • Lava Spit - Area of effect fire damage attack.
  • Ululation - 20' radius paralyze effect.
  • Scorching Lash - Rear conal attack. Used when hate is on a target behind Sarameya.
  • Magma Hoplon - Grants Sarameya a stoneskin effect that absorbs 1000 damage, and Blaze Spikes. Blaze Spikes can be dispelled normally, but the stoneskin effect cannot.
  • Gates of Hades - At 25%, Sarameya gains access to Gates of Hades: as a TP move, during Howl sequence, and Chainspell. Gates of Hades inflicts a high amount of fire damage along with a potent Burn effect of 40/tick.
  • Howl - Throughout the battle (but not during Chainspell), Sarameya will let out a Howl, then use Ululation, Firaga III and Magma Hoplon. It will then Howl again and ignore the target with enmity until they act on it again.
    • At 25% or less HP, Sarameya will replace Firaga III with Gates of Hades.
    • Sarameya becomes immune to Stun during a Howl sequence.

Whenever Sarameya gains a Blaze Spikes effect, it also gains a potent regeneration effect of 1% HP/tick as long as the spikes remain.

  • Immune to Slow and Elegy.
  • Dispel works normally on Sarameya, but it will build resistance over time.
  • Stun works on Sarameya, but it will build resistance over time.
    • Stun will always be resisted during the Howl sequence.
  • Sarameya possesses Alliance hate. If a party is dying, Sarameya will attack anyone alive until it defeats all players in the alliance, before becoming unclaimed and non-aggressive. If you activate reraise while Sarameya is still attacking another party/alliance member, it will still come after anyone else that is alive.
  • Rages after 60 minutes. If the party is defeated before the 60-minute mark, and re-engages Sarameya, the Rage timer will start where it left off.
  • If Sarameya becomes unclaimed and left alone, it will despawn after 3 minutes.
  • Physical attack can inflict poison.
  • Sarameya takes reduced magical damage from all sources.
  • Casts Fire III, Fire IV, Firaga II, Firaga III, Flare, Flare II, Blaze Spikes

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Historical Background

In Hindu mythology, the Sarameya are the sons of Sarama (a dog belonging to Indra and other devas), who serve as watch dogs for Yama (the lord of death). They are a pair of four-eyed brindled hounds who guard the pathway leading to the Realm of the Dead, and conduct the souls of the dead to their destination.