This Maze requires the creator to use Maze Voucher 03

Description of Maze: Sanitization Team Gamma, like Alpha and Beta, requires you to kill all monsters present. Upon entering, you will find yourself on one of a series of floors.


  • Each floor holds a small number of enemies all of the same type - as little as 1 and as many as 8. Verification Needed
  • Upon death of all enemies on your floor, a message says, "You hear the sound of something sliding open..." - at this point at least one Rickety Ladder appears in the maze. Examining a Rickety Ladder allows you to choose between teleporting all party members to the next floor or leaving the maze. It is currently unknown what the difference is in picking from the multiple ladders, if any. Verification Needed
  • Sometimes a ??? appears on the floor, which can give items such as Mana Powder and Healing Powder.
  • The standard maze had 5 floors. On the completion of the 5th floor, the option to progress further was removed, and you are only allowed to "Exit the Maze".
    • Trial By Numbers increases the maximum floor count to 10.
    • You cannot leave the maze if there are any enemies still alive in the current chamber. If time is low after clearing a floor, leaving the maze early is a wise idea.
  • After leaving the maze, you are taken to an end chamber where the Hoardbox appears in front of you as well as the exit.
  • The Hoardbox can drop experience points as well as Maze Runes. The normal reward for completion is 9 marbles.
    • If you leave the maze early, the reward decreases as well based on the number of chambers cleared.
  • An idol (Similar to those found in Appropriation Team) can show up in certain chambers. The idol starts in inactive mode, then begins to glow, and finally releases a mist before repeating the cycle. One of these restores 100 HP to all members within the effect area, and another restores 100 MP.
  • The chambers to which you are teleported are chosen randomly, but there are a finite number of chambers, and the mob locations and ladder locations within each chamber are generally the same.