«FFXI-Movie» 0122 Win 6-2 - Saintly Invitation

«FFXI-Movie» 0122 Win 6-2 - Saintly Invitation

Game Script

Saintly Invitation (pt.1) - Heavens Tower
Star Sibyl: ...Apururu, you should know this as well as I do.

Star Sibyl: Summoning is extraordinarily dangerous. We were not meant to experiment with such powers.

Star Sibyl: The Orastery minister has tampered with the Horutoto Ruins without permission...I can no longer overlook his indiscretions.

Apururu: But, Star Sibyl!
Windurst was saved from devastation twenty years ago when Karaha-Baruha used that very same summoning magic!

Apururu: Of course, I understand that summoning is not to be taken lightly! But if my deary-weary brother is able to master that magic as he believes he can...

Star Sibyl: Excessive force gives birth to conflict and causes more problems than it solves.

Star Sibyl: ...That kind of overwhelming power invites dreams of ambition that will lead to the destruction of our country.

Apururu: And for that reason, you condemn Ajido-Marujido to a life of imprisonment?
My dear brother may be a silly-billy, spacey-wacey, noodle-head, but he’s the only brother I have!

Star Sibyl: Player name...
You have come...

Star Sibyl: I was informed by the Sibyl Guards that you were with Ajido-Marujido at the time of his arrest.

Star Sibyl: Do you share his opinion?
Do you believe that Windurst should join the battle against the beastmen?

Is that what you believe?

Star Sibyl: No, do not try to hide it.
Your eyes burn with the flames of a warrior's spirit.
...However, the Windurst of today does not have the might to war with the beastmen as it did twenty years ago.

Is that what you believe?

Star Sibyl: I see. Perhaps that is as it should be.
...However, the Windurst of today does not have the might to war with the beastmen as it did twenty years ago.

Star Sibyl: But I did not call you here to speak of war. You are here to atone for the crimes you have commited.

Star Sibyl: Do not be concerned. With the great services you have performed for our nation, you will escape the fate that has befallen Ajido-Marujido.

Star Sibyl: However, your transgression at the behest of the Orastery minister is more serious than you think...
I cannot simply let this matter drop.

Star Sibyl: ...And so I have decided for you to accept the invitation that arrived a few days ago from the Yagudo Holy One residing in Castle Oztroja.

Star Sibyl: This is an invitation to participate in the contest held at Balga’s Dais in Giddeus. It is a tournament that pits the warriors of Windurst against the champions of the Yagudo in order to reinforce our bond of mutual trust.

Star Sibyl: If you do not prevail against their champions in the contest, however, Windurst must increase her offerings to the Yagudo.

Star Sibyl: You may have as many as six people participate in the tournament, as long as you all meet the requirements. Find those who have had experience fighting in the contest and enlist their assistance.

Star Sibyl: ......
Player name... I realize you must have little affection for me now, but let me say one thing.

Star Sibyl: ...Come back to us safely...

Saintly Invitation (pt.1) - Balga's Dais
Kaa Toru the Just: I am Kaa Toru the Just.

Kaa Toru the Just: Peace be.
By grace of the Yagudo Holy One and the Star Sibyl of Windurst, I be holding Balga Contest here today.

Kaa Toru the Just: In south corner, representing Yagudo, we be having blademaster Buu Xolo the Bloodfaced.

Kaa Toru the Just: In north corner, representing Windurst, we be having Player name the Unremarkable.

Kaa Toru the Just: Outcome of this battle will be affecting the "Windurstian offerings to Oztroja" clause of Windurst-Oztroja peace treaty.

Kaa Toru the Just: Combatants, swear that you will be fighting with honor, kyah!

Saintly Invitation (pt.2) - Balga's Dais
Kaa Toru the Just: Victor is Player name of Windurst.

Kaa Toru the Just: ...Listen to me, smoothskin.
Take this Balga champion certificate to Castle Oztroja. There you can exchange it for the Holy One's oath, an oath that be concerning the Windurst offerings to Oztroja.

Kaa Toru the Just: Got it, quawk?
You be making your way to the top level of Castle Oztroja as fast as smoothskin two-legs can take you.

Kaa Toru the Just: I now be closing the Balga Contest. Now flock off, kyah!

Saintly Invitation (pt.2) - Heavens Tower
Star Sibyl: Player name, you have returned. The Yagudo Holy One appears to be satisfied with the outcome of the contest.

Star Sibyl: I now declare your crimes to be forgiven, and grant you your freedom.

Star Sibyl: But this does not give you leave to speak of what you have witnessed at the Full Moon Fountain. I ask you to keep these things locked tight within your heart.

Star Sibyl: Player name...
If you are a loyal citizen of Windurst, please...
Do not betray my trust.


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