I came from the Near East to peddle my wares. I heard that there are simply hordes of gullib--err, that is, I have heard of the great adventurers that roam this land, and wish to be of service to them. If you happen to know of any seasoned adventurers, I ask that you bring them to me. Be sure to tell them of my fabulous goods!

  • This dialogue is received if you do not have access to Lumoria yet, and she will not interact with you further until you do.


This NPC manages player transactions related to various Chains of Promathia endgame activities:

  • Sells Key Item Cosmo-Cleanse for 15,000 gil, or 1,000 gil when in possession of Key ItemRhapsody in Mauve.
  • Upgrades your Artifact Armor to Artifact Armor +1.
  • Upgrades your Relic Armor to Relic Armor +1.
  • When upgrading armor, Sagheera will have the piece ready for pick-up after the next Vana'diel day.
  • Sells various items and equipment in exchange for Ancient Beastcoins.
  • In order to purchase items from her with Ancient Beastcoins, you must have access to Lumoria.
  • To exchange Ancient Beastcoins for the items listed below, you must trade Sagheera your Ancient Beastcoins first.
  • Sagheera can store a maximum of 9,999 Ancient Beastcoins. An attempt to trade any more will result in the message, "I apologize, but I cannot take any more Ancient Beastcoins from you."
  • Sagheera can return the Ancient Beastcoins that you have stored.
  • Items are available for exchange through the "Ask about ancient beastcoins" conversation dialog option.
  • Sagheera will tell you how many Ancient Beastcoins she has stored through the "Ask about ancient beastcoins" conversation dialog option.
  • Sagheera won't accept any Ancient Beastcoin trades from you before you have chosen the "Just wanted to chat" option.

Involved in Quests

Items available in exchange for 01875.png Ancient Beastcoin s:

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