«FFXI-Movie» 0423 - Saga of the Skyserpent

«FFXI-Movie» 0423 - Saga of the Skyserpent

Game Script

Saga of the Skyserpent - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Saga of the Skyserpent: Part 1 - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Biyaada: You found something!?

Biyaada: Yes...that ribbon...
I have often seen the general gazing contently at that strip of cloth.

Biyaada: Thank you.
This must be the item he dropped.

Fari-Wari: Did I not tell you?
You could expect nothing less from an attendant to Fari-Wari the Eloquent!

Biyaada: So it seems.
I believe I owe you a tale, then.

Biyaada: It was the events of a single night that would change General Rughadjeen's fate forever...

Biyaada: Almost two years ago now, the western arm of the Imperial Army was under the sole command of General Missahd, a member of the royal family.

Biyaada: Assigned to this general was one Captain Rughadjeen...

(Cut to flashback. Two soldiers are walking down a hallway in the palace.)

Missahd: Hmph. I see.
I will pass your proposal on the Operations Staff for due consideration.

Rughadjeen: There is no time for that!
There are signs that the beastmen are missing for a full-scale assault!
We cannot wait for reinforcements!

Missahd: <Sigh>... Captain, have you seen the fortifications on the Balrahn Defense Line?
And the number of our solders that man those walls?

Missahd: Our enemies are nothing more than mindless beasts that will break themselves against our stalwart defenses. It matters not how many pigs come for the slaughter.

Rughadjeen: ...

Rughadjeen: At the very least...

Missahd: ...

Rughadjeen: We will approach under the cover of darkness this very night and blunt their desire for battle.

Rughadjeen: We will break the spine of this newly formed army before it even begins to move.

Rughadjeen: If all goes well, we will sow chaos among their disorderly ranks, and buy time to bolster our defenses.

Missahd: Captain Rughadjeen...

Rughadjeen: If we allow them to reach the capital with an organized army, they will break through any holes in the line and rain destruction on the lightly defended city streets ...

Missahd: Rughadjeen!

Rughadjeen: ...Sir.

Missahd: You speak above your station.
I don't have time to listen to a lowly captain with delusions of strategic brilliance.

Rughadjeen: ...

Missahd: I will not stand for this disrespectful attitude.
From this day forth, you are relieved from the position of captain.

Rughadjeen: Wha--!?

Missahd: After receiving the punishment of ten lashes for disrespecting a senior officer, you are to return to your unit and follow the orders of the newly appointed captain.

Rughadjeen: ...Sir.

Missahd: Hmph.
A simple captain attempting to lecture me on strategy...

(Rughadjeen walks out of the palace into the streets.)

Rughadjeen: An attack?

Vatharad: Where are they!?

Yamuld: The West Gate!

Rughadjeen: What befalls!?

Yamuld: Captain Rughadjeen!
It's absolute chaos!

Yamuld: The Balrahn Defense Line has been breached...

Yamuld: And the capital is surrounded by an army of Troll Mercenaries!

Rughadjeen: Surrounded!?

Yamuld: The savages have brought siege weapons. It won't be long before the streets are swarming with them...

Rughadjeen: What of the soldiers along the defense line?
An army of that size could not have been swept aside so easily.

Vatharad: The defense forces are engaged with a horde of Mamool Ja that arrived on the heels of the Trolls.

Rughadjeen: Then we are too late...

Rughadjeen: The beastmen have outmaneuvered us...

Yamuld: Our unit is forming up as we speak.

Yamuld: What are your orders, Captain?

Rughadjeen: Forgive me...

Yamuld: Captain?

Rughadjeen: General Missahd just relieved me of my post.
I have no authority...

Vatharad: Isn't that the general over there...?

(General Missahd walks into the streets. Then prompty runs away.)

Rughadjeen: !?

Vatharad: Why is he running that way? The front line is...
Surely he doesn't intend to abandon the citizens to their fate?

Rughadjeen: ...

Rughadjeen: I shall assume temporary command of our forces.

Vatharad: Sir!

Rughadjeen: Ready arms!
Form ranks!

Rughadjeen: This will be a bloodbath...

(Scene changes to Al Zabhi)

Rughadjeen: Hold ranks!

Rughadjeen: The enemy is just as exhausted as you.

Rughadjeen: If we can hold but a few moments more, they will break.
This battle is ours!

Rughadjeen: Let them tire themselves destroying our buildings--it will help prevent the spread of fires.

Rughadjeen: Your main objective is the safety of our citizens.
The future of this city rests on your shoulders!

Yamuld: For Al Zahbi!

(Rughadjeen spots a puppetmaster dressed in white running on the walk way above.)

Rughadjeen: !?

Rughadjeen: You! You can't go that way!

Rughadjeen: You'll get yourself killed!

Rughadjeen: Sajalda, take command of the troops.

Sajalda: Sir!

(The puppetmaster and her red puppet stop in front of a burning building.)

Ovjang: Aphmau...
It's worse than we heard.

(They see a small girl trapped on the balcony.)

Aphmau: She didn't get out in time...

Aphmau: Ovjang?

Ovjang: Okay.

Ovjang: Follow me!

Rughadjeen: Hey!
You can't...!

(The two run into the building)

Rughadjeen: !!!

Rughadjeen: Dammit!

(Several minutes later, Ovjang exits carrying the girl-- alone.)

Rughadjeen: You!

Ovjang: ...

Rughadjeen: Where's the girl?

Ovjang: ...

(Ovjang collapses non-functional)

Rughadjeen: !!!

(Rughadjeen runs into the building. He finds the puppetmaster unconscious and carries her out. He lays her on the ground)

Aphmau: Ngh...

Nateeyu (the girl from the building): Please wake up...

Rughadjeen: She'll be fine.
Just a bump to the head.

Aphmau: Ngh...

(She wakes up.)

Rughadjeen: You're safe now. Can you sit up?

Aphmau: She is...unharmed...?

Aphmau: I'm so glad...

Aphmau: You...rescued us?

Rughadjeen: Yes.

Aphmau: Our thanks...

Rughadjeen: Reckless child.
You could've been killed!

Rughadjeen: But I commend you on your bravery...

Aphmau: Please...
You must go now...

Rughadjeen: What?

Aphmau: We'll be fine...
You must return...

Aphmau: There are still many...who need your help...

Aphmau: So go...and help them...

Rughadjeen: I can't just leave two children--

(A Blue Mage runs up.)

Rishfee: Lady Aphmau!

Rishfee: Thank Walahra!
Are you injured!?

Aphmau: I'm fine.

Rishfee: Well, that's good to...

Rishfee: No, this is terrible!
What if something happened to you!?
You must be more careful!

Aphmau: I am sorry...

Ovjang: (You worry too much, Rishfee.)

Rishfee: Lady Aphmau, who is that person?

Aphmau: He risked his own life to...

Aphmau: Wait!

Aphmau: Your arm...
You're bleeding!

Rughadjeen: This scratch? It's nothing.

Ovjang: It looks bad.
You shouldn't ignore your injuries!

Rughadjeen: ...

Aphmau: Here...

(Aphmau undoes the purple ribbon in her hair and binds his arm.)

Rughadjeen: Thank you...

Aphmau: Would...would you tell me your name?

Rughadjeen: I am Rughadjeen.

...A soldier in the Imperial Army.

(Flashback ends.)

Biyaada: Rughadjeen then returned to the front line, gathering the scattered soldiers to him as he leaped into the fray...

Biyaada: The Troll and Mamool Ja armies were beaten back by the invigorated defense, and the capital was saved from destruction.

Fari-Wari: The words of that young lady had instilled him heroic valor!

Biyaada: It may be as you say.

Fari-Wari: And then?
I assume the valiant Rughadjeen was handsomely rewarded for his deeds?

Biyaada: Despite the desperate circumstances, Rughadjeen's actions overstepped the bounds of his authority
The military is unforgiving when it comes to such transgressions.

Fari-Wari: Unbelievable!
Surely that nasty General Missahd interfered in the proceedings!?

Biyaada: Who can say?
The result was that Rughadjeen was confined to the barracks--a punishment accepted without a single word of protest.

Fari-Wari: How tragic!
Are the fates so cruel!?

Biyaada: Then one day, a messenger arrived with a summons to the Imperial Palace.

Fari-Wari: Huzzah!

Fari-Wari: He was to have an audience with Her Magnificence?

Fari-Wari: Wh-what became of Rughadjeen!?

Biyaada: Well, you see...ah.
My break time is over.
I must return to my post.

Fari-Wari: Nooo!

Biyaada: I'm sorry, but we must continue this another time.

(Biyaada runs away)

Fari-Wari: Biyaada! How can you torture me so!?

Saga of the Skyserpent - Al Zahbi - Dialogue
Biyaada: I'm on duty.

Biyaada: (Wait at the teahouse. I'll make my way there once my shift is over.)

Saga of the Skyserpent: Part 2 - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Fari-Wari: Aha, my loyal attendant!

Excellent timing!

Fari-Wari: I've had word that Biyaada will soon be here to conclude her tale!

Biyaada: Ah. I see you've been waiting.

Fari-Wari: Waiting!?
Why must the sun crawl through the sky at such a leisurely pace!?
The story, my dear, the story!

Biyaada: Yes, the story...
Where was I...?

Fari-Wari: Such cruelty!
Our hero was about to meet the Empress, as the audience turns blue holding its collective breath!

Fari-Wari: That's where you were!

Biyaada: Oh? The Empress?

Biyaada: Ah yes, the Empress addresses...

(Flashback opens as Rughadjeen kneels before the curtain-draped thrown. Razfahd stands to the right of the thrown.)

Nashmeira: Rughadjeen.
Word of your valor on the field of battle has reached the palace...

Rughadjeen: Your Magnificence is too kind.

Razfahd: You have been confined to the barracks until now...?

Rughadjeen: Yes, Grand Vizier...

Nashmeira: You have been done a great disservice.

Rughadjeen: Your Magnificence need not apologize...

Razfahd: Rughadjeen.
Do you know why Her Magnificence is aware of your deeds?

Rughadjeen: I am sure I do not--

Razfahd: You are beloved by the soldiers.
The palace has been inundated with requests for release.

Nashmeira: We sympathize with their outrage.
You are a mighty warrior that has protected the capital and her people, including--

Razfahd: Your Magnificence...

Nashmeira: ...

Razfahd: Rughadjeen.
In recognition of your heroics, you are hereby appointed to the position of Skyserpent General.

Rughadjeen: !?

Razfahd: I assume you understand the implications of this title?

Rughadjeen: ...Sir.

Razfahd: For the Empire's time of greatest need, Emperor Ulthalam created a title that conferred ultimate authority on the bearer in matters of national defense.

Nashmeira: It is our wish that you devote your life to the defense of the Empire...

Rughadjeen: I am honored beyond words.
I swear to uphold this duty until the last drop of blood spills from my veins.

Razfahd: We have faith in your commitment.

Razfahd: The blade is a gift from Her Magnificence.

(Camera turns to the two puppets, Ovjang and Mnejing, holding the greatsword.

Razfahd: It is a national treasure, said to have been wielded by the great hero Balrahn himself.

Nashmeira: We believe you will prove a fitting master...

Rughadjeen: You offer me the algol?
I am speechless...

(Rughadjeen walks over to the sword. Ovjang turns to him and gives him the middle finger.)

Rughadjeen: ...!

(Rughadjeen recognizes the red puppet. He turns back and looks at the curtains.)

Razfahd: Are you ready for your first duty as Skyserpent General?

Razfahd: As you are aware, the Empire stands on the brink of unprecedented peril, beset be enemies from both the east and the west...

Razfahd: This nation needs talented commanders, without concern for lineage or station.

(Camera pans from Razfahd to Rughadjeen kneeling again before the thrown with his new sword on his back.)

Razfahd: It falls to you to gather such leaders, to stand against the coming storm.

Rughadjeen: Understood.

Rughadjeen: I will seek out the most valiant warriors of Aht Urhgan and judge their quality with my own eyes.

Nashmeira: We have faith you will not fail us...

Nashmeira: Our mighty Skyserpent General...

(Flashback ends.)

Biyaada: And thus Rughadjeen became the Skyserpent General and the protector of Al Zahbi.

Fari-Wari: Wonderful!
So that is the tale of how such a young man came to hold such a heavy responsibility.

Fari-Wari: How does the story continue?
When does he meet the other Serpent Generals?

Biyaada: After confirming that the Trolls and Mamool Ja were too weak to mount another offensive, General Rughadjeen set off to the east...

Biyaada: For some time, the Imperial Army had underestimated the strength of the beastmen in the west, and positioned the great bulk of its forces along the eastern front.

Biyaada: And that is when he encountered the first of his recruits...

(Flashback starts with Biyaada doing a voice over. A Hume mage with a scythe is single-handedly barbequing an entire army of Yagudo.)

Gadalar: Haha!
Burn! Burn! Burn!

Biyaada: General Gadalar's brigade had fallen into an enemy ambush.

Biyaada And he was single-handedly occupying the Yagudo to give his troops a chance to escape...

Gadalar: <Pant...pant>...
Someone's been busy with the egg laying!

Gadalar: Muhahaha...
That should be enough of you to fuel a decent blaze!

Gadalar: Firaga!

Gadalar: Phew...
Been a while since the rank and file gave me so much trouble...

(Rughadjeen runs up behind him.)

Gadalar: ...?

Gadalar: Who goes there?

Rughadjeen: I am an ally from the western capital! I came when I heard of your plight...

Gadalar: ...

Gadalar: Hehehe...

Rughadjeen: I don't...?

Gadalar: Why do my enemies...

(Gadalar spins around.)

Gadalar: ...all try the same trick!?

(Gadalar draws his scythe and leaps at Rughadjeen.)

(Flashback ends.)

???: Biyaada!

Biyaada: S-sir!

(Rughadjeen walks in front of her.)

Rughadjeen: There is no time for chai and sweetmeats.
There are reports of Mamool Ja scouts in the city.

Biyaada: In the city!?

(Fari-Wari jumps in the air and claps his hands.)

Fari-Wari: Whoa!'re General Rughadjeen!

Fari-Wari: You're even more dashing and noble than I imagined!
A fine hero if ever there was one!

(Fari-Wari claps his hands.)

Fari-Wari: You must allow me to immortalize you in verse!
How does "Saga of the Skyserpent" sound for a title?

Rughadjeen: Who...who is this gentleman?

Rughadjeen: Biyaada, were you telling stories about me?

Biyaada: My apologies, sir.

Biyaada: But it was this man's attendant that found your--

Rughadjeen: Ah, that was you two?
Then it is I who must apologize...

Fari-Wari: Nothing to apologize for!
Scrambling up the steep crags of Halvung, battling through a small army of vicious Trolls, facing certain death...

Fari-Wari: These thing are of no consequence. Hardly worthy of gratitude.

Rughadjeen: That day I saw true courage and compassion...

Rughadjeen: And every day now, even in the think of battle, one glance at this ribbon reminds me of the of those things...the things I fight to protect.

Rughadjeen: Will you give me the honor of your name?

Rughadjeen: <Player's Name>...

Rughadjeen: I thank you.

Fari-Wari: Ahem...

Rughadjeen: And you too, of course, my splendid bard.

Rughadjeen: I am honored to fight shoulder to shoulder with such courageous mercenaries.

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