Mission Name Sacrifice
Number 2 - 5 - 4
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Ganged Up On Somber Dreams
Replay Cutscenes


  • Examine the Ornate Door at the top of the stairs in Walk of Echoes for a cutscene with Lilisette, Cait Sith, Atomos, and Volto Oscuro.
    • You can complete this after being zoned by the previous mission's cutscene. If you leave, you must reenter Walk of Echoes from Pashhow Marshlands (S) or Grauberg (S). You cannot use the Xarcabard (S) entry point.
      • In 2016, an easier way to reenter Walk of Echoes from the correct point became going to any of the Cavernous Maws in Rolanberry, Batallia, or Sauromugue. Once at the maw, click the ??? on the ground. It sparkles blue. You will be asked to raise your Lightsworm.
        • Remember that Rolanberry is the only Maw that is always unlocked, so might as well just head there for everything if you are rushing Rhapsodies content.
  • After the cutscene, you will be transported to Grauberg (S) and you will automatically proceed to the next mission.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Though you have met Lilisette, she has no idea how to meet Altana. On the bright side, your orb has been granted another spark of light. Cait Sith has beseeched you for aid, saying that the ambassador has infiltrated the Walk of Echoes.