Job: Warrior
Family: Sabotender
Crystal: Water
Weak to: Dark, Ice

Sabotender Sediendo

Zone Level Drops Steal Spawns Notes
Kuftal Tunnel 64 - 67 16
Respawn:16 minutes
A, H
??? HP
A = Aggressive; NA = Non-Aggresive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound;
HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing
JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills; Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime; A(R) = Aggressive to Reive participants

Historical Background

Sediendo sounds Spanish, but it does not turn up in any Spanish dictionary. Sediento means "thirsty", cediendo means "yielding". Thus, this name is most likely a typo supposed to refer to a thirsty Sabotender. The proper name would be Sabotender Sediento.