Job Ability

  • Increases Double Attack rate but renders Waltz unusable. Double Attack rate gradually decreases.
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 75 Merit Group 2
  • Recast Time: 5 minutes
  • Duration: 5 minutes


  • Each upgrade shortens recast time by 30 seconds. Maximum upgrade 5/5 decreases recast time to 3:00 minutes.
  • Does not stack with Fan Dance.
  • Saber Dance will overwrite Fan Dance, and Fan Dance will overwrite Saber Dance.
  • Provides 50% double attack rate on first minute and decreases by -10% every minute. reduction is preformed every 60 seconds, not every second.
    • Example: SD is activated > Double attack rate is increased by 50%. 60 seconds later, double attack rate is reduced to 40%.
  • To avoid confusion: the the %'s listed below are the cumulative total ammount of double attack over the duration of the five through 3 minutes that it is active
  • provides approximately 30% total double attack with only one merit
    • meaning 30% of your attacks from the second you activate, until the second it wears off will be double attacks.
  • three merits provides approximately 35% double attack
  • Full merits provides approximately 40% total double attack rate.
  • two and Four merits in this job ability do not seem to provide additional double attack rate from their tier 3 and 5 counterparts.
    • Example: 2 merits will not provide 32.5% double attack, it will provide 30%; 4 merits will not provide 37.5% double attack, it will provide 35% double attack

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Saber Dance" <me>
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