Start NPC Hestefa, Celennia Memorial Library
Requirements Level 99 Rune Fencer
Must equip all five pieces of Runeist armor:
Runeist Bandeau (or +1)
Runeist Coat (or +1)
Runeist Mitons (or +1)
Runeist Trousers (or +1)
Runeist Bottes (or +1)
Items Needed KeyItemFutharkic Concepts in Flux
KeyItemStrand of Ra'Kaznar filament
See walkthrough
Repeatable No
Reward Futhark Bandeau
Futhark Coat
Futhark Mitons
Futhark Trousers
Futhark Boots
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Destiny's Device Epiphany

This quest does not appear in your quest log.


Armor Piece Ingredients
KeyItemOrder slip: logomorph headgear
to trade for Futhark Bandeau
 Wootz Ingot  Scintillant Ingot  Snowsteel
 Wootz Ingot  Rice Ball  97,000 Bayld
KeyItemOrder slip: logomorph bodygear
to trade for Futhark Coat
 Wootz Ingot  Ether Leather  RuneweaveExclusive
 Wootz Ingot  Sausage Roll  97,000 Bayld
KeyItemOrder slip: logomorph handgear
to trade for Futhark Mitons
 Wootz Ingot  Raaz Leather  RuneweaveExclusive
 Wootz Ingot  Roasted Corn  97,000 Bayld
KeyItemOrder slip: logomorph leggear
to trade for Futhark Trousers
 Wootz Ingot  Holy Leather  RuneweaveExclusive
 Wootz Ingot  Smoked Mackerel  97,000 Bayld
KeyItemOrder slip: logomorph footgear
to trade for Futhark Boots
 Wootz Ingot  Holy Leather  Sparkstrand
 Wootz Ingot  Rarab Tail  97,000 Bayld
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