Runes are the embodiments of eight different powers unique to Rune Fencers that they inscribe upon themselves, a process also called "harboring."

Using the ability Rune Enchantment and selecting an element produces the following effects:

  • Increased resistance to one element
  • The element to which the rune fencer will be more resistant will be the one descendant to the one chosen, except for light and darkness, in which case the rune fencer will gain increased resistance to the opposing element.
  • Added damage to normal weapon attacks, similar to Enspells.
  • The effect's potency varies depending upon the rune fencer's level.
  • The additional damage effect will overwrite the effect of sambas.

Enchantments able to be used by Rune Fencers at level 5 are:

Element Name
Fire Ignis
Ice Gelus
Wind Flabra
Earth Tellus
Lightning Sulpor
Water Unda
Light Lux
Darkness Tenebrae

Harboring Runes

Rune Fencers may harbor runes by using the ability Rune Enchantment. The number of runes that Rune Fencers may harbor increases in the following manner:

Level Amount
05 1
35 2
65 3

Additional damage

The additional damage, which will occur for normal attacks, will have the following characteristics:

  • It will be dependent upon weapon attributes.
  • It will increase depending on the number of runes of the same element harbored.
  • The element of the damage added will be determined as follows:
    • One rune harbored: The element chosen
    • Multiple runes of differing elements harbored: The last element chosen
    • Multiple runes of multiple elements harbored: The element with the most runes ascribed to it