Were you looking for Royal Jelly (Food)?

Type: BCNM
Zone: Waughroon Shrine

Level: 40
Members: 3
Time: 15 minutes

Orb: Star Orb (40 Beastmen's Seals)





Queen Jelly x 1 (Possible)


Princess Jelly x 8


Possible Rewards

Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

All of:
Slime Oil x2 (100%)
Zero to One of:
Archer's Ring (9.1%)
Zero to One of:
Mana Ring (46.9%)
Grudge Sword (15.2%)
De Saintre's Axe (12%)
Buzzard Tuck (11.8%)
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni (10.6%)

Zero to One of:
Marksman's Ring (25.8%)
Himmel Stock (10.1%)
Sealed Mace (9.8%)
Shikar Bow (9.8%)
Dusky Staff (15.2%)
One of:
Scroll of Absorb-STR (12.3%)
Scroll of Erase (16.5%)
Scroll of Phalanx (14%)
Fire Spirit Pact (14.5%)
Steel Sheet (22.9%)
Steel Ingot (23.8%)
One to Two of:
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni (17.7%)
Scroll of Ice Spikes (24.6%)
Scroll of Refresh (26.3%)
Gold Beastcoin (18.2%)
Mythril Beastcoin (13.3%)
Black Pearl (1.5%)
Ametrine (1%)
Peridot (2.7%)
Turquoise (2%)
Green Rock (0.7%)
Goshenite (1.5%)
Sphene (1.5%)
Oak Log (0.5%)
Rosewood Log (0.5%)
Black Rock (1.2%)
Blue Rock (0.2%)
White Rock (0.7%)
Vile Elixir (1%)
Reraiser (0.2%)

Unknown groupings:
Mannequin Hands (0%)
Fiend Blood (0%)
Air Spirit Pact (0%)
Garnet (0.7%)
Translucent Rock (0.2%)


  • When you enter the battlefield, the eight Princess Jellies will be in a large circle, far apart from each other.
  • When combat starts, the Jellies slowly move to the center of the battlefield. They cannot be aggroed or Provoked from their paths. The Princess Jellies who are allowed to reach the center will merge into a far more powerful Queen Jelly. This Jelly's HP will be directly dependent on the number of jellies allowed to reach the center; a Queen Jelly formed from one Princess Jelly will have much less HP than one formed from all eight.
  • All enemies encountered in this fight possess Slime special attacks.
  • Each Princess Jelly is representative of one element. Each will cast magic dependent on her element, and will be weak to that element's opposite element. Note: There can be more than one jelly of the same element.
  • One of the following pairs of magic will be assigned to each Princess Jelly:
In addition, all Princess Jellies are capable of using Bind. They Use Bind frequently.
  • All Jellies in this battle are immune to Sleep and all related forms of Sleep effect (such as Lullaby). They are highly susceptible, however, to Gravity, Bind, and Silence.
  • When a jelly gets to the center it becomes invulnerable until it morphs into the Queen Jelly.
  • Each Princess Jelly has about 600hp.

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Royal Jelly (BCNM) Strategies


See the Video page.

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