Romaa Mihgo S
Romaa Mihgo (S)
Cobra Mercenary Major


Involved in Missions

Involved in Quests

Battle NPC

Romaa fights alongside the party during the battlefield events in Ghoyu's Reverie for A Feast for Gnats, Everbloom Hollow for WOTG Mission 14: A Nation on the Brink, and the confrontation in West Sarutabaruta (S) for Howl from the Heavens. She uses a sword in battle, and has a unique weaponskill: Cobra Clamp.

  • In A Feast for Gnats, she fights the Quadav and Gigas raiders alongside Cobra Mercenaries. She must be kept alive or else the battle ends.
  • In A Nation on the Brink, she leads two Cobra Mercenaries against the beastmen raiders. Unlike in Ghoyu's Reverie, the battle doesn't automatically end if she falls.
  • In Howl from the Heavens, she assists you in defending Protective Wards against beastmen raiders.
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