Corsair Roll (Status Effect).png Roll Effects are beneficial status effects that are bestowed by the luck of a Corsair until they wear off, or are removed. Benefiting characters can have a number of different positive effects depending upon the specific dice rolled; their potency determined by the running total for each roll. Multiple Roll Effects can be active at once; subbed Phantom Roll effects are less potent than a Main Corsairs.The unconfirmed maximum number is four. For every COR main you have, 2 roll effects can be present for that character. Every COR sub adds 1 roll effect for that Character.

For example:

How to remove the effect

  • Zoning removes this effect from only the player that zoned.
  • Being K.O.'d (only removed from the player who is K.O.'d)
  • Various monster abilities that have Dispel effects, such as Nihility Song.

How the effect is inflicted/gained

Job Abilities