Start NPC Nanaa Mihgo - Windurst Woods J-3
Requirements Windurst Reputation 3
Items Needed Sharp Gray Stone, Sharp Stone
Repeatable No
Reward 2100g
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Mihgo's Amigo None


  • You will need to zone in order to activate this quest if you have just finished the "Mihgo's Amigo" quest.
  • Talk to Nanaa Mihgo and obtain the quest and the Sharp Gray Stone (key item).
  • Head to Bastok Markets, talk to Ardea, (H-8) and she will trade you 10 gil for the Sharp Gray Stone.
  • Go back to Nanaa Mihgo and she'll scold you for selling the stone.
  • Talk to Varun who is in Windurst Woods at H-9 next to the homepoint crystal. He'll wonder where his stone has gone.
  • Head into Palborough Mines. Go to the 3rd floor at the east half of I-9. There is a round dead-end room with two mythril seams.
  • Mine up the Sharp Stone (Rare/Ex) from the western seam with a pickaxe. (Your Pickaxe may break, so bring a few)
  • Go back to Windurst again and trade the Sharp Stone to Varun to complete the quest.

Game Description

Nanaa Mihgo (Cat Burglar's lair, Windurst Woods)
The Cat Burglar wants you to see if a sharp gray rock she "found" is of any value, by having it valued at the Goldsmiths' Guild in Bastok. If the rock is of any value, she wants you to sell it for her.
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