«FFXI-Movie» 0374 - Rock Bottom

«FFXI-Movie» 0374 - Rock Bottom

Game Script

Rock Bottom - Mount Zhayolm
Zurtermor: ...

Zurtermor: (Leave me alone, Warsowok...)

Warsowok: What's wrong with you?
You don't wanna fight, you don't wanna talk...
Where's that happy-go-lucky Troll I used to know?

Zurtermor: (It's gone.
I lost my pick...)

Warsowok: What!?
You loved that pickaxe!
Where did you lose it?

Zurtermor: (The deep... I can dig no more...<sob>)

Warsowok: In the crevasse, huh...?
That thing is really deep.
I don't think you'll be seeing it again.

Zurtermor: (My pick is never coming back...
I have lost my move...<sigh>)

Warsowok: Come on, Zurt, cheer up...

Rock Bottom - Mount Zhayolm
Warsowok: What do you want?

Hm? A pickaxe?

Warsowok: Hey, Zurt!
Look at this! A pickaxe!

Zurtermor: (A pickaxe...?
This is a little-person tool...)

Zurtermor: (<Sigh>...
You are very kind. But I am a Troll.
I cannot use little-person tools.)

Warsowok: Oh, that's right. This pickaxe would be way too small for you. That's a real shame.

Zurtermor: (I break boulders.
This will snap like a twig.
Trolls need big-person tools.)

Warsowok: So you wanna break boulders, huh?
You'll be needing something a little more sturdy than a pickaxe, then...

Zurtermor: (<Sigh>...
I'll never see my pick again...)

Rock Bottom - Mount Zhayolm
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