Start NPC Zurtermor - Mount Zhayolm (L-7)
Requirements Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Items Needed Pickaxe, Mythril Pick
Repeatable No
Reward Map of Mount Zhayolm


  • Travel to Mount Zhayolm via the Halvung Staging Point (exiting through the staging point requires the use of Invisible and sneak in tunnel).
  • Go to (L-7) and find what looks like a manhole cover. There is an unnamed targetable point on this object (you should not need Sneak or Invisible in this immediate area).
  • Check the target for a cutscene with a Zurtermor (Troll) and Warsowok (Moblin) which starts the quest.
  • Trade a Pickaxe to the unnamed point for another cutscene.
  • Enter Halvung (just a short distance to the south) and come back to trade a Mythril Pick to the unnamed point for a final cutscene and reward.
    • The Mythril Pick is used up by the quest, but you keep the Pickaxe. The Mythril Pick can be purchased from a Sparks vendor.
    • You can also use a Mythril Pick +1.
    • When you leave and re-enter after the first cutscene, if nothing happens at the target when you trade the Mythril Pick, trade the pickaxe to it again. A second part to the first cutscene will start. When it's done, change area again and then trade the Mythril Pick to it.

Game Description

Zurtermor (Mount Zhayolm)
Zurtermor has dropped his precious pickaxe into a crevasse...
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