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Roar! A Cat Burglar Bares Her Fangs - Chamber of Oracles
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Moogle: Master, I've come after all! No contract nor work order, nor even the mightiest magic can stop a moogle in love!

Moogle: My dear Kupi--

Moogle: Y-yikes, kupo!

???: Is someone out there, kupo?

Moogle: darling!

Moogle: Are you hurt, kupo!? If these hoods have laid so much as a finger on you, why I swear, I'll--!

Kupiruru: Oh, my dear Moggie. Fancy meeting you here!

Kupiruru: Why the worried face? Is something the matter, kupo?

Moogle: Is something the matter!? Why, I've come to rescue you from these sordid scoundrels, kupo!

Kupiruru: Rescue? Whatever are you talking about?

Kupiruru: Why, I was just playing dress-up with my new friends here. Do you like the cute costume they picked out for me, kupo?

Moogle: The wh-what!?

???: Oh ho! Looky who here.

Goblin Enforcer: Guess you no coward after all. No smart either, though...har har har.

Goblin Repossessor: You sign contract? Hand over now, and we do this easy way.

Moogle: I haven't an onz of intention of signing that ridiculous thing, kupo! Kupiruru, the master and I will be heading back to our cozy Mog House right now, thank you very much!

Goblin Repossessor: Heh. You really no so bright, are you?

Goblin Repossessor: Fine. You no want do easy way, we do way.

Goblin Enforcer: Boss have feeling you try this funny business. So he bring little...friend.

Goblin Repossessor: Maybe you know Nanaa Mihgo. She come to play with you today. Teach you good lesson about paying rent on time...har har har.

Nanaa Mihgo: Awww, don't look at me with those little kitty-cat eyes...

Nanaa Mihgo: I mean, what gil-loving cat burrrglar in her rrright mind could turn down such a lucrrrative offer?

Nanaa Mihgo: So no harrrd feelings, okay? I'll make this quick and painless for ya!

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Roar! A Cat Burglar Bares Her Fangs - Chamber of Oracles
Nanaa Mihgo: Yeowch! You're strongerrr than ya look.

Nanaa Mihgo: look what you've done. I've gone and brrroken a nail!

Nanaa Mihgo: At this rrrate, I'll have to squanderrr my whole paycheck on a new manicurrre!

Nanaa Mihgo: Let's just call it a drrraw, shall we?

Nanaa Mihgo: Sorry boys, I'm outta here!

Nanaa Mihgo: You tell your boss that the Cat Burrrglar gave him his money's worth.

Nanaa Mihgo: ...And that'd I'd be happy to do business with him again. For the rrright prrrice, of course!

Goblin Intimidator: You! You come back here! W-we...we had deal!

Goblin Enforcer: Grrrrrrrrr--!

Goblin Repossessor: Listen, punks. Looks like you got lucky today.

Goblin Intimidator: But this ain't over...not by long shot. The boss ain't gonna be happy 'bout this. And when the boss ain't happy, ain't no one happy. You can bet on that.

Kupiruru: Ta-ta, boys! Stay in touch, kupo!

Moogle: Well! It would seem our job here is done, kupo!

Moogle: To my side, Kupiruru! Let's take our leave of this den of degenerates.

Kupiruru: Do we have to? And here I was having so much fun, kupooo...

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