Mission Name Roar! A Cat Burglar Bares Her Fangs
Number 10
Level 75
Items Needed Navaratna Talisman
Reward Red coral key
Repeatable Yes
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Rescue! A Moogle's Labor of Love Relief! A Triumphant Return


  • Anyone can assist regardless if they have the Navaratna Talisman or expansion.
  • No experience is lost upon death, even if you don't have the Navaratna Talisman.
  • Mission failure requires you to repeat the previous mission (relocating the ???'s).
  • Buffs are lost upon entry, however Reraise gained from equipment is not lost.
  • Enter the Chamber of Oracles and examine the Shimmering Circle for a cutscene.
  • Examine it first for a cutscene.
  • Examine it a second time to enter the battlefield.
  • You have 30 minutes to complete the mission.


  • Testimonials & Strategies
  • Only Nanaa Mihgo must be defeated in order to win.
  • Most parties can afford to wipe up to two times. Wiping three times is not feasible given the the allotted time.
    • Players who have been K.O.'d at the top of the steps or closer to the entrance may be safely Raised without aggro.
    • Tractor is not permitted in this battlefield.
  • Note that it is possible to Sleep or Gravity-kite most enemies in this battlefield, allowing weakened party members to recover.

Nanaa Mihgo

Goblin Trio

Mithra Duo

Game Description

Mission Orders
What's this!? Toto has enlisted the services of the formidable feline filcher Nanaa Mihgo to guard his prize catch! Can you declaw the Cat Burglar, or will you end up as cat food?