Mission Name Ring My Bell
Number 1-3-7
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Volto Oscuro Spirits Awoken
Replay Cutscenes
Ring My Bell Colleraie Norg (H-9)


  • If you are on one of the below Chains of Promathia missions, Tenzen is unavailable and you cannot finish this mission. Once you've progressed past the mission, you can continue.
  • If Tenzen is unavailable, clicking the door will result in Comitiolus saying "Ol' sea dog, have ya heard anythin' 'bout where this stoic warrior guy "Tenzen" is? 'Fraid I can't let ya see our leader until he comes along, what with all this Escha hullabaloo goin' on."

Game Description

Mission Orders
Gilgamesh and his compatriot have decided to search for a man from the Far East by the name of Tenzen. Explore Escha - Zi'Tah while they look for clues.