Rhapsody in Ochre KI.png

"Rhapsody in Ochre"
Colourful images float before your eyes

as you listen to this ancient tune.

Found In:

Experience and Skill Gains

  • 30% bonus to capacity point gains III.

'Unity Concord and Records of Eminence

  • 30% bonus to Unity accolade gains III

Walk of Echoes

  • Players will receive the following temporary items upon entry.
    • Lucid Ether III / Megalixir / Healing Salve II / Vicar’s
      Drink / Dusty Wing / Dusty Reraise / Giant Drink /
      Wizard’s Drink / Fanatic’s Drink / Fool’s Drink / Braver’s
      Drink / Monarch’s Drink / Berserk’s Tonic / Swiftshot Tonic

Wildkeeper Reives

  • Cost of key items required for participation decreased to 15,000 bayld.


  • Cost of receiving services from the various coalitions decrease
    to the same level they would be if the coalition was fully


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