FFXI is really changed in the last years. The returned can have some problems to take stock of the situation.

Record of Eminence RoE is a new system to get quests and battlefield ki. To start select and complete [First Step Forward.]https://ffxiclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Tutorial#First_Step_Forward

Alter Ego Due to lack of people, SE has created a NPC system that can help you like the old Adventuring Fellow. You can get many alter egos and call up to 5 in party. They have jobs like normal characters. You can call your alter egos with Trust magic. To obtain the Trust magic you have to complete (in any order) these quests. Trust: Windurst Trust: Bastok Trust: San d'Oria

Ilv armor system

Rhapsody of Vana'diel There's a new (free) expansion. RoV will give you a lot of interesting bonus (like exp bonus) and access to new Escha zones. I suggest to complete RoV Missions before start doing other activities in game.

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