Job Ability

  • Allows you to counterattack but reduces movement speed.
  • Obtained: Warrior Level 60
  • Recast Time: 3:00
  • Duration: 3:00
  • Distance: Self


  • Will only activate if a hit is taken (even from 0 damage) from the front with your weapon drawn.
  • All defensive job abilities and skills (except potentially Shield) must be exhausted before Retaliation will take effect, and Retaliation will not negate or otherwise affect damage taken.
  • Unlike Counter, you gain TP from both the Retaliation swing and the damage you take to trigger the swing.
  • Like Counter,
    • Retaliation depends on Accuracy; Only retaliations that hit show up in the log (Exception: Perfect Dodge).
    • You can perform a critical hit on a retaliation, but it will not show a critical hit animation or give a different log message.
    • Additional effects such as HP drain from Drain Samba do not occur on retaliation.
    • Double Attack & Triple Attack can not occur on retaliation.
    • You cannot retaliate a Weapon Skill or Ranged Attack.
    • You can gain weapon skill ups from Retaliation attacks.
  • Currently unknown if anything affects the activation rate. The base rate seems to be 40-50% before hit rate. Verification Needed
  • Appears to have similar movement decrease as one "Dusk" equipment (e.g. Dusk Gloves).
  • Retaliation is considered slashing damage even if wearing a non slashing weapon such as a polearm. There is some debate on this topic: (see testimonials)

Equipment that Enhances this Trait

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Retaliation" <me>