Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: Increases resistance against sleep.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • Each upgrade of this trait further increases character's resistance.
    • This trait greatly shortens the duration of sleep type status effects by increasing the chance of half duration resists.
    • Gives a small chance to completely resist the effect of sleep status. When it procs the text will be preceeded by "Resist!" in a similar fashion to Cover.

Blue Magic Spells that Activate this Trait

Set any two of the following Blue Magic spells to get this trait:

Level Available Spell Set Point Cost
1 Pollen 1
30 Wild Carrot 3
58 Magic Fruit 3
64 Yawn 3
75 Exuviation 4

Equipment that Enhances this Trait

Food that Enhances this Trait

Resist Sleep I

Resist Sleep II

Resist Sleep III