Start NPC Anastase - Ru'Lude Gardens G-9
Requirements Rise of the Zilart
Key ItemAirship pass for Kazham
Items Needed Key ItemPrototype attuner
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward 3 Trail Cookies
400 Conquest Points

Unlocks Waypoint teleportation to and from:
Ru'Lude Gardens, Selbina, Mhaura, Rabao, and Norg via Proto-Waypoints.

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None Middle Lands Investigation
Granddaddy Dearest



  • Make sure that you speak to the necessary quest NPC for each Proto-Waypoint before using the waypoint that they are standing next to. If you do not speak to the quest NPC first you will not receive credit towards the quest nor will you be able to teleport to that specific Proto-Waypoint. This is important to note because despite what is mentioned above the Proto-Waypoint will allow you to teleport to another active Proto-Waypoint without first being activated.

Game Description

Anastase (Ru'Lude Gardens)
A research expedition from the Sacred City of Adoulin is seeking collaborators. They Require information about geomagnetic founts in various areas to assist in the testing of their mystical devices.