Start NPC Task Delegator - Mummers' Coalition Western Adoulin
Requirements Key ItemPioneer's Badge
Items Needed None
Repeatable Yes
Reward 1 imprimatur: 8,000 EXP + 8,000 Bayld
2 imprimaturs: 14,400 EXP + 14,400 Bayld
3 imprimaturs: 19,200 EXP + 19,200 Bayld


  • With the quest active, get hit by the Sweeping Gouge of a Cicatricose Raaz in Kamihr Drifts.
    • You must personally be hit by the move. Having just your pet take the hit does not count. You will receive a message when the move registers for the quest.
  • Return to the task delegator when your task is complete.

Game Description

Task Delegator
Information Needed
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