Job Ability

  • Gradually restores your automaton's HP. Special items required.
  • Obtained: Puppetmaster Level 15
  • Recast Time: 0:03:00 (0:02:30 with full merits)
  • Duration: varies by item used (see below)

More Information

  • The Repair ability requires the puppetmaster to equip an item called Automaton Oil, which can be synthesized with alchemy skill or purchased at shops.
  • Automaton Oil: NQ restores 10 HP per game tick for 10 ticks (30 seconds). Available with Repair (Level 15).
  • Automaton Oil +1 restores 20 HP per tick for 20 ticks (60 seconds). Available at level 30.
  • Automaton Oil +2 restores 30 HP per tick for 30 ticks (90 seconds). Available at level 50.

Equipment that enhances this ability

Puppetry Babouches (feet) adds a remedy/erase effect to repair, causing it to remove most debuffs from the automaton when the repair ability is used.

Guignol Earring (earring) increases the amount of HP healed by 20%.

Desultor Tassets (legs) increases the amount of HP healed by 10%, if the augment is selected.


Zoning causes the Regen effect to disappear.

Macro Syntax

/ja "Repair" <me>

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