«FFXI-Movie» 0582 Mog 11 - Relief! A Triumphant Return

«FFXI-Movie» 0582 Mog 11 - Relief! A Triumphant Return

Game Script

Relief! A Triumphant Return - Upper Jeuno
Moogle: Welcome home, Master!

Moogle: Oh, how can I repay you for saving my dearest Kupiruru? Thank you, Master, thank you!

Moogle: Now the greatest love story in moogle history can go on! We've already decided to go back to the Chamber of Oracles on our next date, kupo!

Moogle: But hmmm... How do you suppose Toto will react to our thorough trashing of his toadies?

Moogle: Kupo-oh? What have we here?

Moogle: It's a letter from Toto, Master! Whatever might it say? My heart is positively palpitating!

Moogle: Let's see here, kupo...

Moogle: "To my ensteamed clients,
My heart-filled apologies for this
most terrible dis-understanding.
"But let's let bygones be things
that have gone by.
A bridge under water, as they say.
"As a token of my benevol-osity,
I'd like to invite you to be the
guests of honor at a spectacularrific
Mog Festival!
"To be held at scenic Castle Zvahl,
we'll be holding a Mega Mog
Bonanza-Rama-Palooza featuring
extortionate prizes, plus a virtual
copa-cornia of exciting events!
"It just wouldn't be the same without
your attend-ification, so do stop by!
Your bestest pal,
Toto Kupeliaure"

Moogle: Can you believe it, Master? A festival, kupo!

Moogle: I knew that Toto wasn't such a bad kid after all, kupo! He's clearly seen the error of his ways.

Moogle: A festival, Master, a festival! With a Mega Mog Bonanza-Rama-Palooza to boot, kupo! Could there be a happier ending to this mess? Though I must say he's picked a curious venue...

Moogle: But no matter! We mustn't let the festivities begin without us! To Castle Zvahl, kupo!

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