Wanting fortune, if not fame, Regine and her sister yearned to set up a magic shop. Originally Regine wanted to set up shop in Windurst, but at the urging of her sister, Rugiette, she reluctantly set up shop in San d'Oria so they wouldn't have to move that far. She often now complains about the lack of customers, and blames her sister for their misfortune.

Location: Port San d'Oria (J-8)

Shop type: Magic Shop

Port San d'Oria Regine's Magicmart

Magicmart Entrance



   Citizen: San d'Orians Only
   Conquest: San d'Oria, 1st

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: San d'Oria, 1st, 2nd

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: San d'Oria, Any rank


Name Purpose
Regine Standard Merchant

Starts Quest: Flyers for Regine


Involved in Quest: Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria)

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