Gradually restores target's HP.


Spell cost: 82 MP
HP Recovered: 600 HP
Spell element: Light
Magic skill: Enhancing Magic


Casting Time: 5 seconds
Recast Time: 24 seconds
Duration: 60 seconds

Other Uses

Resale Price: ~2,460 gil


Test Server Notes (Also Scholar related)

  • Default casting time is reduced to 2.25 seconds.
  • Scholar will learn Regen IV at level 79.
  • Light Arts improves the potency and adjusts the duration of Regen IV. This is limited to Scholar only. This does not apply when Scholar is used as a Support Job.
  • At level 95, Regen IV under Light Arts is 50 HP per tick. At level 99, Regen IV is 54 HP per tick.
  • Savant's Bonnet +2 increases the HP healed per tick by 4, making the maximum HP per tick as 58.
  • Regen IV is compatible with Accession.
  • Note that this information becomes available on the next version update (subject to change with possible modifications).

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > White Magic ( )


Price: 50,400 gil
Name Location Type
Gekko Port Jeuno (H-8) Standard Merchant

Dropped From

Name Zone
Gold Sturdy Pyxis Abyssea - Grauberg
Name Zone
Gold Sturdy Pyxis Abyssea - Altepa

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