Start NPC Machine Outfitter - Abyssea - La Theine
Items Needed Key ItemVat of martello fuel
Key ItemEmpty fuel vat
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes
Reward Varying amount of cruor, depending on "performance"
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None A Mightier Martello (La Theine)


  • On discovering a Martello you must examine it and select the option to replenish fuel. you will be asked to stand on a specific side of the Martello to replenish it. After replenishment you will be given an Key ItemEmpty fuel vat, which you must then return to the Machine Outfitter to complete the quest.
  • Martello Locations:
    • LT-01 Martello D-4
    • LT-02 Martello D-8
    • LT-03 Martello G-5
    • LT-04 Martello F-9
    • LT-05 Martello H-7
    • LT-06 Martello I-9
    • LT-07 Martello L-11

Game Description

Machine Outfitter (Base Camp, Abyssea - La Theine)
Regular replenishment of the martellos located throughout the La Theine Plateau is vital to the resistance effort in this area. Refuel a martello and return the empty vat to the machine outfitter when your task is complete.