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This is a list of Red Mage Emyyrean equipment and upgrade items that I made for myself. I figured it would be worth sharing. I want to keep this simple, but if you have any small corrections or additions, feel free to do so. --Kraftlos 08:59, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

A Hume Female and Male in the Estoqueur's attire set.

Basic Red Mage Empyrean Set

This equipment is pretty weak. Most people will at least want to upgrade their equipment to +1 before bringing it into their regular rotation. I would suggest the Teal Saio Set, which can be purchased with Cruor at the entrance to various Abyssea zones, until these pieces can be upgraded at least to +1.

Estoqueur's Armor Set

Main pieces


+1 Seals

To upgrade your equipment, you must be level 75+ and you must have started the relevant trial. When you are ready, trade one piece of equipment to the Magian Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5) and review the trial, then the moogle will inscribe the trial on your armor piece. When you've collected the seals, return and trade the armor and the required seals to the to chest on the right, then trade the armor to the Moogle receive the +1 version. Unfortunately, the three accessory pieces can't be upgraded.

Estoqueur's Armor +1 Set

+2 Jewels/Coins/Cards/Stones

A lot of these can be obtained from zone bosses. It's always good to check and see if you can get several quests done at once. Like the previous upgrades, these are exchanged via the Magian Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens. Because these are used by multiple jobs, you will be lotting against the other party or alliance members to get these.

Estoqueur's Armor +2 Set