Start NPC Chumimi - Heavens Tower
Requirements Black Mage Level: 50+
Items Needed Bag of Seeds
Whine Cellar Key
Key ItemFoe Finder Mark I
Repeatable Yes, by erasing AF memory.
Reward Wizard's Sabots
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The Three Magi The Root of the Problem and
Borghertz's Sorcerous Hands


  • As a level 50+ Black Mage, head to Heavens Tower in Windurst Walls and talk to Chumimi in the basement.
    • Zoning out of the tower is required after finishing the previous quest.
    • After this step, you no longer have to be a Black Mage for this quest.
  • (Optional) Travel to Ru'Lude Gardens and talk to Laityn at (G-9) to get another cutscene.
  • Travel to Crawlers' Nest and kill a Water Elemental or Fire Elemental to obtain a Bag of Seeds.
    • These can be found in the basement "ring" area inside of a smaller cave located in the center of the room.
      • Enter the basement at (J-10), labeled "B" on player-modded map.
    • The monsters check as Decent Challenges to level 99 in the basement, but they are not aggressive.
    • The elementals can also be found on E-8 of map 8 that check "Too Weak" at 95.
    • To avoid wasting time, use the Weather Reporter NPCs to find out when there will be weather in Rolanberry Fields (the fields share weather with Crawler's Nest).
  • After you obtain the Bag of Seeds, go back to Heavens Tower in Windurst Walls and trade it to Chumimi.
  • Next, go to Castle Zvahl Baileys and kill Demon Commanders, Demon Generals, Demon Magistrates, or Demon Chancellors until one of them drops a Whine Cellar Key.
    • Can be found on Map 3
  • Bring the key to Castle Zvahl Keep.
    • Upon zoning into Castle Zvahl Baileys (consult the map for ease of navigation), move westward to the 4-way intersection at G-8; head south from here, down the stairs that you will soon come to, and then on to the second map through the border of E/F-8.
    • On Map 2, move south to the bottom of I-9, finding a group of Orcs, then go up the stairs here; move west to G-9 (Yagudo) and go back down the stairs there, being careful to not fall off the circular ledges along the way; turn left from the staircase heading east, when you reach a gate, turn left again. Take the next right turn and make your way to another short stairway appearing on your right at the border of G/H-8 and go up; from there move west to zone into Castle Zvahl Keep.
  • Upon entering Castle Zvahl Keep, follow the right wall and enter the first Iron Bar Gate to the north.
  • Bear right and trade the key to the locked Ore Door on the left, before the next iron bar gate.
  • After the cutscene you will obtain Foe Finder Mark I, return to Chumimi in Heavens Tower in Windurst Walls for your reward.

Game Description

Chumimi (Star tree farm, Heavens Tower)
Some strange occurrence from twenty years ago is now casting a shadow on the growth of the star tree saplings. Two of the ex-ministers may have an idea of the cause. After receiving instructions from them, head to Jeuno and then on to the Northlands.


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