The total number of Reclamation Marks a player possesses can be viewed in the Currencies menu.

How to Obtain

Pieces of equipment from various events can be traded to an A.M.A.N. Reclaimer in exchange for Reclamation Marks. These events include Alluvion Skirmish, Domain Invasion, Geas Fete, Reive, Sinister Reign and Unity Concord Wanted Battles.

Unity Concord

Item Marks
28429 Acuity Belt 600
20851 Aizkora
27601 Grounded Mantle
26709 Imperial Wing Hairpin
28427 Sailfi Belt

Usage of Reclamation Marks

Every 1,000 Reclamation Marks are automatically converted into 1x Copper A.M.A.N. Voucher, automatically stored.

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