Were you looking for the scythe named Reckoning?

Mission Name Reckoning
Number 5-4
Title Granted Destroyer of Hades
Reward Repeat only:
20,000 bayld
Repeatable Only to help others
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Blood for Blood Abomination
Replay Cutscenes
Reckoning Goblin Footprint Ra'Kaznar Turris


  • Click on the Ominous Postern to enter the fight against Hades.
    • Buffs wear on entry.
    • Time limit is 30 minutes.
    • Alter Egos can be summoned.
    • Fight is automatically lost if Arciela dies.
  • You are assisted by Arciela. She will start attacking once someone engages the enemy. Do not engage until you're finished buffing.
  • If you brought meds, save them for the second fight if you can.
  • Upon victory, there is a cutscene and the next mission is automatically flagged.


  • Repeating the fight gives a reward of 20000 Bayld
  • Offensive Avatar abilities like Ifrit's Crimson Howl will force the Adoulinian NPCs to attack. So don't use any offensive abilities in general upon entering, or you may lock fellow party members out. Same counts for the next upcoming fight or fights in general.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Morimar and Darrcuiln have fallen trembling before Hades. Do not let their sacrifices be in vain.