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Recall is a White Mage lv 53 Teleport spell.

Quest Requirements

Note: If you are doing both the map and the Recall quests, you might be able to save yourself time if you grab both quests at the same time.


Evil at the Inlet - Recall-Jugner Quest

  • Talk to Rodeupansat at (J-7) of Crawlers' Nest (S). He is located through the North Pathway from the "Ballroom" or in this case the "Open Room".
  • He will give you a Key Item "Evil Warding Seal".
  • Go to a tower in Vunkerl Inlet (S) at (D-11) and click on the ???. (The ??? is on the West side directly on the tower.)
    • Watch out for Ignis Djinn!! (NOTE: It is possible to get out of this area without bomb aggro, but it's terribly difficult. There's not a lot of room to avoid aggro and the bombs will magic aggro from quite a distance. If you're a mage, bring Prism Powder or Ninjutsu as you won't be able to rely on Invisible.)
  • When you check the ???, the seal will be "lost".
  • If you don't have it, get the Jugner Gate Crystal; which can be found on the border of (G-9) and (H-9) in Jugner Forest (S).
    • To get there from the campaign arbiter, you need to go around to the west; the eastern route is blocked by a one-way wall.
    • (NOTE: This is not required in order to receive the scroll.)
  • Return to Rodeupansat in Crawlers' Nest (S) and he will reward you with the scroll of Recall-Jugner.


Requiem for the Departed - Recall-Meriph Quest


The Fumbling Friar - Recall-Pashh Quest

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