«FFXI-Movie» 0084 San 6-2 - Ranperre's Final Rest

«FFXI-Movie» 0084 San 6-2 - Ranperre's Final Rest


Ranperre's Final Rest - Chateau d'Oraguille
Trion: So it was you the guard sent... No matter. Your mission this time deals with the Treasure of the Dragon King.

Trion: Our royal scholars have brought to light the fact that the Treasure may be hidden in the true tomb of King Ranperre.

Trion: As you may have already realized, the current tomb is a new one, built many years after the king passed away.

Trion: The location of the true tomb was lost during the Great War. This loss has haunted San d'Oria for the past twenty years.

Trion: Finding the location of the true tomb is critical in locating the lost Treasure, as well as in boosting the kingdom's morale.

Trion: Your mission is to seek out the true tomb of King Ranperre. I can trust that you will not deface the tomb when you find it.

Ranperre's Final Rest - King Ranperre's Tomb
You find an ancient San d'Orian book, but you are unable to decipher it.

Ah, now I see. Who would've thought a tomb was hidden here?

Rochefogne: I was afraid I had dropped it then.

Rochefogne: But how fortunate that you retrieved it! The dwellers of d'Oraguille still do not know, do they?

Rochefogne: King Ranperre, at long last I find your tomb! But much distance separates us now, ironically.

Rochefogne: Please...please watch over me. No, I am no longer of such status. Not anymore...

Rochefogne: Please, at least judge my actions for what they are! I still deserve salvation, great king of dragons!

Rochefogne: Could you show me that for a moment? I promise not to take it. After all, you wouldn't have found this place without me, would you?

Rochefogne: Thank you. Hmm, it seems to be written in code. Yet, the writing is in ancient San d'Orian. I suppose I never had any part in it.

Rochefogne: But it seems the tome is the only thing here. Hm...

Ranperre's Final Rest - Chateau d'Oraguille
Trion: Well done, Player Name. Do you wish to know what is written in the tome? The king is about to make an official announcement regarding its contents in the Great Hall.

Trion: Father, Shall we begin?

Destin: Yes, Trion. Oh, I see the discoverer of the ancient magic tome is also here with us.

Destin: Well, as you all expected, the tomb discovered is in fact the true resting place of the Dragon King. I applaud our adventurer on his work.

Destin: In addition to this, the ancient writings also tell us about King Ranperre's Treasure...

Destin: According to the encrypted tome, the Treasure is a sword--a sword that, when unsheathed, wields more power than one can imagine. "Lightbringer."

Trion: The Dragon King's

Pieuje: Lightbringer.

Destin: Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the sword were not found within the tome's pages. However, our investigation has taken an important step forward.

Destin: Player name. If you obtain any new information on Lightbringer, I ask you to share it with us.

Destin: While finding Ranperre's holy sword is of our top priorities, paying proper homage to our former king is something I wish to do as successor to his throne.

Destin: Player name. I wish for you to travel to the Dragon King's tomb and purge the area of any vermin. We will follow directly behind.

Ranperre's Final Rest - King Ranperre's Tomb
Rahal: Hmm... As per your report, Player Name, it seems no monsters infest this place.

Shamonde: Very well, let us begin. Your majesty...

Destin: Spirit of Ranperre, great king of dragons, may your rest continue undisturbed. Watch over the glory of our ancestors.

Welcome, heir of the dragon-blood. The sword! You must hurry!

Shamonde: Begone from these holy grounds, foul deceiver!


Rahal: He must have run away. We should hold our position until the end of the ceremony.

Curilla: Yes. I shall guard the interior.

Curilla: But I wonder what that knight meant.

Rahal: Surely he meant for us to obtain it quickly. What else could it be? Surely just a riddle, nothing to worry over. The dragoons' riddles are often deep.

Curilla: What do you mean?

Rahal: Have you forgotten, Curilla? The knights who served King Ranperre were headed by a dragoon. The last one of that age.

Curilla: "The last of the dragoons," eh? Hmph. I knew it was no ordinary outlaw. Anyway, the rest is up to you, Rahal.

Claidie: What was that?

Shamonde: Surely, the work of evildoers. Anywhere the outlaw goes, they are sure to follow. Your Majesty, we must continue the ceremony.

Destin: I know.

Destin: We failed to capture the intruder. It was probably just another grave-robber. We shall post knights in this tomb, so we've nothing to worry about.

Destin: I thank you for your service to the bloodline of King Ranperre. Thanks to you, our future is bright.

Trion: Player name! Do not forget to deliver your report to the guard at the gatehouse

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