Your standing in your home nation.

In order to check your current standing, select Status from the Menu and choose Profile. The lower portion of this window shows your Rank number and Rank Points bar.


Rank levels are increased by completing missions. "Rank" is the actual level (1 through 10) of your rank, whereas Rank Points are used to determine if you can activate new missions. Rank is also denoted on Search, Party and Linkshell lists by a number superimposed on the flag of the nation you currently have allegiance to.

Rank Points

Rank Points can be acquired by either completing missions, or by turning Crystals into your home nation's or Jeuno's Conquest Overseers. Note that 04103.png Dark Crystal s and 04102.png Light Crystal s provide twice as many Rank Points than other crystals. When more than enough crystals are donated to fill the bar, any extra Rank Points are converted into Conquest Points (at a rate of ~6-7 CP per crystal) and the Conquest Overseer will no longer accept them.

The number of Rank Points you have is a hidden figure represented by a progress bar. It takes a different number of points to fill the progress bar depending on your Rank.

  • Rank 1:
  • Rank 2: 7x Crystals-worth
  • Rank 3:
  • Rank 4:
  • Rank 5:
  • Rank 6:
  • Rank 7:
  • Rank 8:
  • Rank 9:
  • Rank 10: 58x Crystals-worth (although this is entirely unnecessary for any reason other than to have a full Rank 10 bar).