Job: Black Mage
Family: Toads
Crystal: Water
Weak against: Ice, Lightning
Resistant to: Water
Notorious Monster


Zone Level Drops Steal Spawns Notes
West Sarutabaruta (S) 47 - 54 1 L, H

4,000~4,500 HP
??? MP

Spawn Conditions Companions/Summons
  • Lottery Spawn from one of the four Toads at the (I-9)/(I-10) pond, every 90 minutes to 8 hours.
  • Toad respawn time is 5 minutes.
  • The placeholder is the 1st of 4 Toads on Widescan.
  • Placeholder ID: 16D
  • NM ID: 171
  • The NM will appear at the end of the list of Toads when it pops.
  • N/A
Special Abilities Passive Traits
  • Does not cast Magic.
  • Does not use any TP moves.


  • Spawns at the small pond at the intersection of (I-9) and (I-10).

(see directions on the talk page for more detailed directions, if available)

Further Notes
  • Easily soloable by most, if not all, Level 75 jobs.

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Trial of the Magians

Historical Background

In France, a Ramponneau is a type of upholstering hammer. It has a wooden handle and an iron hammer head, often coated with copper so as to protect the soft nails and tacks used in the trade.