Heavens Tower, Administration Room


Cost to Change Allegiance when Windurst is in:

1st Place in Conquest - 40,000g
2nd Place in Conquest - 12,000g
3rd Place in Conquest - 4,000g
  • The taru is right inside the room with the door that says Clerical Chamber, across the fountain when you zone in.
  • When changing allegiance, you retain all conquest points.
  • If this is the first time you've switched to this nation, you are reset to Rank 1.
  • If you decide later to return to your previous Nation, you will get your previous Rank back.
  • Any rewards for missions done in other nations are retained when you switch (i.e. you will keep your Airship Pass, etc.)
  • You will keep all Outposts from your old nations.
  • This only applies to outpost data that was saved to the game on and after the 6/9/2008 patch. Any outpost data saved prior will have to be quested again. GMs have clarified that the reason for this inconvenience is due to previous "thematic" deletions of outpost data from completed supply missions at the time of the allegiance change. Example: A player was allied with San d'Oria with all outposts complete and changed to Bastok on 5/1/08 and then obtained all outposts again. That player then changes allegiance to Windurst on 6/20/08. All outpost data for San d'Oria is lost but all outpost data for Bastok is saved.